Use Edit

Eye of innos

The Eye Of Innos is an example of the portion of Innos' divine power that he left in Adanos' realm for if the beast should return, mentioned in Vatras' preach.

The amulet would make the bearer be able to speak to dragons forcing them to speak the truth. It also gives +15 protection to all forms of damage.

Story Edit

The Eye was held in The Monastery Of Fire waiting for a new bearer until the enemy has noticed the threat that is the nameless hero and possesed Pedro, a novice, into stealing the Eye and bringing it to The Circle Of The Sun. Wich the seekers desecrated so they could destroy the Eye and remove all its power. To get its power back they had to perform a reverse ritual using a representative of the three gods, Innos, Beliar and Adanos. And so the nameless hero could head to the valley of mines to defeat all the dragons.