Beliar is the dark god of death, destruction and all things unnatural. He is in an eternal battle with Innos, his brother, but Adanos guards the Balance between the two. He always sends the beast, His Chosen, to fight against the human, the Chosen of Innos. The people who worship Beliar are few. However, he grants great strenght to those who serve him. The Hashishin of Varant worship Beliar and pay tribute, so that his wrath remains unheated. In exchange to their dominion, Beliar grants them wealth and power.

This power comes at a cost, seeing how Beliar's influence induces corruption and mutation in his followers, that gradually change them into hybrids, half-demon, half-human, like the Seekers, who were once just simple men who prayed to the keeper of his power, the Sleeper. However, many do follow and worship Beliar, seeing how it is a fast way to become immensely powerful.

It is presumed, that the most powerfull that ever received his power was Xardas, who later, used it against him. He managed to forge a plan, that would end the war of the gods, and in the end he, with the nameless hero, succeded, thus ending the rule of Beliar and Innos on Adanos' realm. What happened to his followers, and if they kept their powers is not known.